Technical Dispute

  • Step 1: Click on button ‘Technical Dispute’ from left pane.

  • Step 2: A list of technical issues raised by the seller is shown.

  • Step 3: Results can be filtered on the basis of Dispute ID, Logistic Partner and current issue status. Click on Filter to get the results. Click Reset to remove any filter applied.

  • Step 4: The seller can click View against an issue to view the details and any updates regarding it.

  • Step 5: The seller can raise a technical dispute on click of Create Technical Dispute.

  • Step 6: The seller fills in the details of the issue faced along with a relevant attachment if any. On click of Submit, the issue is raised and eBay Ops team gets notified about the same.

  • Step 7: The seller can then track the issue in the list displayed on click of Technical Dispute from the left pane of the Resolution Center.