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EGS Mandatory Policy for New Sellers

Mandatory EGS Platform Registration Policy for New Sellers

As a seller, shipping your items in a timely and reliable manner is crucial to providing a great shipping experience to your buyers. Shipping options or Shipping policy define handling times, shipping costs and other options that you offer to buyers. If you are not ready to ship items to specific countries, regions and more, you can exclude certain shipping locations from all your active listings or for specific items. Sellers should pay attention to their Estimated Delivery Dates because if buyers don’t get their order within this estimated period, they can open an Item Not Received case. As a result, you could receive a defect that may affect your seller performance and your Item Not Received (“INR”) rate.

Most of the time when something goes wrong, it is due to delays, inaccuracies, or lack of visibility related to the delivery of an item. These delays can lead to Bad Buyer Experience (“BBE”) which in turn impacts your seller performance. This may cause your account to be subject to a range of actions. Hence, to minimize BBE, eBay has mandated new sellers to register on eBay Global Shipping Platform (“EGS”) and open an account with at least 1 (one) logistics service provider "LSP" after obtaining the necessary approval, before they list their items on eBay e-commerce marketplaces. This way, you will be ready to ship your products through the LSP registered on EGS Platform at the time of registering on eBay.

eBay Global Shipping Platform and its benefits

EGS is a single-window shipment solution supported by reputed LSPs. This service can be availed by all eBay cross border trade sellers in India. EGS offers several benefits like hassle-free registration, automated label and invoice generation, competitive prices, dedicated support from LSPs and EGS Seller Protection, among others.

Serviceable Pincodes on EGS Platform

Presently, LSPs on EGS Platform are servicing postal area pincodes as per the list mentioned in Table 1 which may be updated from time to time. To avail EGS services, your area postal pincode must appear in the list of serviceable pincodes by any of the LSPs on EGS Platform.

Kindly check your postal pincode in the list of pincodes mentioned in Table 1. The information whether your pincode is serviceable, is also displayed during the shipment booking flow for your convenience. If it does not appear in the list, you are requested to:


Eligible Product Categories for EGS

We would like to remind you that you are not permitted to book a shipment on EGS Platform for any item which is illegal, restricted, or prohibited. To know whether your product is part of the prohibited item list of any particular LSP, kindly refer to the terms and conditions of the relevant LSP (Fedex, DHL Express, UPS, Shiprocket X, Aramex and LEXSHIP) for their list of restricted and prohibited items.


Frequently asked questions

Can I register on eBay without registering on EGS Platform?

Yes, you can register on eBay e-commerce marketplaces without registering on EGS Platform. However, listing an item is allowed only after your registration on EGS Platform and obtaining the approval of at least one LSP to ship your items.

Can I register on EGS Platform without registering on eBay e-commerce marketplace?

No, you can’t register on EGS Platform without registering on eBay. To register on EGS Platform, you shall require to login on EGS Platform with your eBay  EGS Platform with your eBay log-in credentials (eBay user ID and password) and accept the EGS Platform Terms and Conditions, update your user profile and upload the KYC documents. To know the step-by-step process for registration on EGS Platform, click here

Can I start shipping once I register for EGS Platform?

Once you register on EGS Platform, you need to select the LSPs through whom you will ship your items by uploading your KYC documents and LSP forms. Once your account has been activated by the respective LSPs, you will be able to book your shipments with such LSPs on EGS Platform.

We recommend that you register with more than one LSP at this time as this gives you a choice of LSPs providing different service levels at different prices.

For detailed process, you can visit the self help guide created for this purpose.

What is EGS Seller Protection Program?

EGS Seller Protection program is an initiative designed to safeguard eBay sellers’ metrics from any delay in delivery which occurs due to operational issues of LSPs. The defects that sellers are protected from under this program are:

  • Late Shipment Rate (“LSR”)
  • Item Not Received (“INR”)
  • Negative Neutral Feedback (“NNFB”) related to LSR / INR
    All these above defects will be removed from the seller’s feedback profile page and Seller Dashboard


Are all EGS transactions covered under EGS Seller Protection Program?

  • No, only transactions that are fulfilled by EGS and have received an acceptance scan within the handling time, are covered under the EGS Seller Protection Program.
  • Acceptance scan (also known as “pickup scan” or “validation scan”) is received against a shipment when a validated LSP picks up the shipment and updates the status.
  • Only eBay recognized (validated) LSPs get acceptance scan. All the shipments of LSPs that are currently associated with EGS, such as Aramex, Bombino, DHL Express, FedEx, Lexship and UPS, receive acceptance scans on Seller Hub.


What is the shipment booking process on EGS Platform?

Booking your shipment using EGS Platform is a completely automated user-friendly experience which is completed within a few clicks and after you provide certain information related to your shipment. To know the detailed booking process, you can visit the self help guide created for this purpose.


Is EGS registration mandatory even when one’s pincode or product line is not serviceable?

In case, your pincode doesn’t appear in the list in the Table 1 or your product category is not serviced by any LSPs, EGS Platform registration is not mandatory. However, you need to request here to allowing you list your items on eBay without registration on EGS Platform.