DHL Fine Jewelry Flow

  • Step 1: Select the items that you want to book for Shipment. Fill all the details carefully with Logistic Partner DHL Fine Jew as shown.

    Note: This service is only available for country U.S. Pickup date can only be the current day(before 5 pm). If the seller does not select the same date for pick up, an error message is thrown (“DHL Fine Jewelry Error: Pickup can be scheduled for current date only and can not be done after 5 PM.”)

  • Step 2: Click on the button ‘Book Shipment’. A success message will be shown. Click on the link ‘here’ to download zip file that contains label, mother invoice and AWB.

  • Step 3: Extract the label, mother invoice and AWB from the zip file.

    Note: Only one Shipment can be generated in a day, there can be multiple orders but only one mother invoice will be generated.

  • Master & Child Airway Bill labels: