Resolution Center

  • Step 1: Click on Resolution Center - You will get 2 options- 1) Initiate Dispute 2) View ticket status. Then click on the initiate dispute to create a new dispute. You can click on the dispute which best described the issue your are facing.

    Step 2: Enter the AWB no. and proceed to initiate a dispute.

    Step 3: Once you click on initiate, you will be able to view the details of your dispute.

    Step 4: Click on view ticket status on the resolution center to view the status of your ticket. We have categorized your disputes as per the below folders. Now you can track the status of your case by clicking on the individual folders.

    Brief description of the folders -

    Pending for ebay/LSP - Once you initiate a dispute the case will reflect under “Pending for ebay/ LSP”.

    Pending for my action In case any information is required by the Logistic Partner or eBay, the case will be assigned back to you and the same will reflect in the “Pending for my action’ folder.

    Overdue Cases We have set a TAT for resolving each case. Once the case has crossed the TAT, the cases will reflect in your “Overdue” folder.

    Escalated Cases -- Once the case is overdue and in case you are not receiving any satisfactory response, an escalation button will be available against the case in your overdue folder. You can click on escalate in order to escalate that case. Once you click on the escalate button, the cases will reflect in your “Escalated” folder.

    Pending for claims 30 Days – In case any claim for the Product value needs to be settled, the same will reflect in the “Pending for claims 30 Days” folder.

    Pending for Freight Credit -- In case any freight charges need to be credited from ebay global shipping, the same will reflect in the “Pending for Freight Credit” folder.

    Our main aim here is to make sure all your issues are resolved within the stipulated time. Kindly raise all your disputes/concerns on the resolution center. Going forward we will not be addressing any disputes via mails.

    Points to be noted while raising a dispute

    1) Raise all the request in the correct dispute Box so that we can try to resolve your concerns at the earliest.

    2) Mention all necessary details while raising a dispute and give a brief about your requests while raising a dispute.

    3) Share necessary screenshots while raising a dispute

    4) For damaged shipments, kindly share supporting images of the damage done internally and externally.

    5) Check the “Pending for my Action” folder on a timely basis and revert with the requested details (if any) within 48 hours so that the issue can be addressed at the earliest.