Bulk Shipment Booking Process

  • Step 1:  Login on the eBay Global Shipping.

  • Step 2:  Wait to load the orders on the book shipment page then click on the link given below to redirect to the bulk book shipment page or you can also click on the Bulk booking shipment link available under the shipment menu.

  • Step 3: On the Bulk booking shipment page you are able to book the single line item CSB V shipment only. Please select the Logistic Partner, Service Type from which you want to book the shipment and click on the Download Orders Button.

  • Step 4:  Excel sheets will be downloaded on local system with all the orders available on the book shipment page with all the data which is required to book the shipment in bulk.

  • Step 5:  Fill all the required information in the sheet and select the Book shipment column as Yes for the item you want to process and upload the same on the file upload field given on the bulk book shipment page and click on the Upload Orders Button.

  • Step 6: If data entered in the sheet is not correct against any item, an error list / notifications will appear on screen with red text messages. Please refer below screenshot for the same.

  • Step 7: If everything is fine then all the items will be visible on the bulk shipment page in table format with their shipping charges. You can select any item from any page and book the shipment by clicking on the book shipment button.

  • Step 8: After processing all the orders you will get the link “Click here” link on screen to download all the AWB in a single zip file for the item booked and error message that is not booked.