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The eBay world is an exciting place where millions venture to buy and sell thousands of rupees of products every second. eBay offers you a fast, easy, secure and cost effective way to grow your business by increasing your sales and reaching out to new customers.

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eBay is the best destination to start selling online. Sell directly to millions of buyers in India and 150 countries including US, UK, Australia, Germany etc. You can sell in retail or in wholesale lots. Get high return on investment with a minimum set up costs. eBay offers end-to-end system to manage orders, customers, buyer queries & post-sales. Sell through auctions, buyers can bid on your item up to the value they want to pay for an item. Or sell through fixed price at a price that you decide. Sell and be paid through credit card or online bank transfers, safe and easy way to receive payments. Sell online & set up your own online shop with your own branding and logo.