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Services and Surcharges

Below is the list of surcharges applicable to  the shipments booked through DHL Express. These charges are applied over and above the freight mentioned in Shipping Calculator provided the shipments meet any of the below given criteria.


Name Description (Criteria) Price Mechanism Net Charge INR
OVERSIZE PIECE A fixed surcharge is applied to every piece, including a pallet, with a single dimension in excess of 120cm (48 inches). Rate per piece 6180
OVERWEIGHT PIECE A fixed surcharge is applied to every piece, including a pallet, that exceeds the scale or volumetric weight of 70kg (150 lb). Rate per piece 8745
REMOTE AREA Service / ODA Charges An international remote area service is defined by a post code (or town name in the absence of post code) that is determined as difficult to serve or too distant. Providing a pick-up / delivery shipments from / to such post codes requires a significant effort from DHL and presents considerable value to the Payer. Rate per kg/lbs with minimum 47 per kg with minimum of 2,740 per shipment
ADDRESS CORRECTION Will be applicable on shipments that are undeliverable in the first attempt due to incorrect / incomplete delivery address or consignee details. Rate per shipment 1050
EXPORT DECLARATION Customs Clearance and processing charges for Outbound commercial shipments Rate per shipment 2860
ELEVATED RISK Elevated Risk surcharge will apply when shipping to a destination country (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Niger, Sudan, Syria and Yemen) where DHL is operating at elevated risk due to continuous state of war, civil unrest, or continuous threats from terrorism Rate per shipment 2100
RESTRICTED DESTINATION Restricted Destination surcharge will apply for Non Document shipments when shipping to a destination country (Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen) that is subject to trade restrictions imposed by the UN Security Council Rate per shipment 3150
MANUAL SHIPMENT At shipper's request if manual shipment is generated Rate per shipment 2860
ADDITIONAL HANDLING CHARGES If invoice value of a CSB V shipment > INR 25,000 Rate per shipment 2860
SATURDAY DELIVERY At shipper’s request, the destination country will deliver shipments up to 300 kg orpieces up to 30 kg on a Saturday. The service is available to selected service areas that perform deliveries on Saturdays in addition to the normal operating schedule Monday-Friday i.e. day 6. Can be offered from any origin to one of the Saturday Delivery capable destination countries. To check availability, please contact our Customer Service. Rate per shipment 3150
SATURDAY PICKUP At shipper’s request, an ad-hoc pickup of a shipment up to 300 kg and pieces up to 30 kg on a Saturday, at selected postal code areas that have the operational capability, in countries where Saturday is not a normal working day. To check availability, please contact our Customer Service. Rate per shipment 2100
DEDICATED DELIVERY At shipper’s request, an immediate or non-routine, once-only delivery of a shipment within a normal working day or a holiday that may involve a specific vehicle such as tail lift truck or more than one courier. Rate per kg/lbs with minimum 47 per kg with minimum of 4,105 per shipment
DEDICATED PICKUP If your business needs a dedicated vehicle to collect unusual shipments, or a pickup outside normal business hours, we can arrange this for you. Rate per kg/lbs with minimum 47 per kg with minimum of 2,050 per shipment
DUTY TAX PAID At Shipper's request, an administration charge for invoicing duties and taxes to the Shipper, third party or to an entity in a third country, when such duties and taxes are not paid for by the Receiver at the Shipper's request. Duties and taxes are paid for by DHL at destination but then recovered from the Shipper through the Collect Billing system. Available only for select countries. % of fiscal charges with minimum 2.4% of fiscal charges with minimum of 2,740
NEUTRAL DELIVERY At Shipper's request, the delivery of a non-document shipment/piece by the Shipper that ensures the value of the goods are kept confidential from the Receiver; while the importer of record at destination (not being the Receiver) is billed for the duties and taxes. Rate per shipment 1759
CHANGE OF BILLING At account holder's request, a change in billing by crediting one invoice and the re-invoicing of the same amount to a different account number than the one marked on the waybill. This charge is not applied when DHL did not follow original billing instructions. Rate per shipment 1025
PRINTED INVOICE A charge applies to every paper invoice provided to a Customer. In lieu of paper invoices, DHL’s online e-billing service is available at no extra charge. Rate per invoice 290
GOGREEN CLIMATE NEUTRAL By contractual agreement with the Shipper, a full carbon-neutral service comprising calculation of CO2 emissions on a shipment level; offsetting of these emissions by DHL Carbon Management; and an annual certification by an external third party. Rate per kg/lbs with minimum 10.25 per kg with minimum of 10.25 per shipment
SHIPMENT INSURANCE At Customer's request, the provision at individual shipment level, of declared value coverage above Standard Liability, for the amount necessary to repair or replace a shipment/piece in the event of physical loss or damage. Rate per shipment 1.2% of insured value with minimum of 1025
EXTENDED LIABILITY At Customer's request, Extended Liability is offered for document shipments with a fixed compensation of INR 35,000 regardless of document value Rate per shipment 430
SHIPMENT PREPARATION This is a convenient, fast and reliable service for seasonal or irregular shipments that require extra resources for their preparation. DHL manages the entire process of waybill preparation, content selection, labelling and packaging, then sends the shipments to the designated international addresses. Rate per shipment 2860
DIRECT SIGNATURE Upon customer's request, DHL will obtain signature from the receiver or a representative at the delivery address. In case no one is at the delivery address, DHL will reattempt delivery. Shipments in this service can’t be re-routed, dropped in a post box or left with the neighbor. The receiver is authorized to arrange an alternative delivery time at the same delivery address or to collect the shipment from a DHL owned service point. Rate per shipment 515
DATA ENTRY A surcharge applies for each outbound/inbound shipment consigned with non-electronic,paper based manual house waybills. Electronic shipping documentation incurs no additional charges. Rate per shipment 525
Delivery Order/ RELEASE TO BROKER At Customer's request, the preparation and delivery by DHL, or the making available of shipment /piece paperwork that is required by a third party Broker to complete customs clearance for the Receiver. Rate per shipment 3670
BROKER NOTIFICATION At shipper or importer request, DHL will provide the necessary paperwork to the customers designated broker to perform the import clearance and resume the delivery to the final destination once the clearance is completed. Rate per shipment 3670
BONDED STORAGE The registering into bond, and subsequent holding of a shipment /piece for >3 calendar days following the arrival date in a bonded DHL or non-DHL facility, either when awaiting documentation from the Receiver or Importer, or when clearance has been assigned to a third party Broker. Per shipment, per day after 3 calendar days 10.25 per kg per day and 515 per shipment per day
NON-ROUTINE ENTRY Customs clearance charges for Inbound shipments cleared in Formal Mode Rate per shipment 3380
CLEARANCE DATA MODIFICATION A surcharge applies in case the customs declared value of a shipment requires modification either before, during or after the customs clearance process Rate per shipment 1025
PREFERENTIAL ORIGIN Processing cost for arranging for GSP/ COO Rate per shipment 515
NON STACKABLE PALLET The surcharge applies when any pallet piece in a shipment is deemed non-stackable due to its packaging, content or shape or is clearly marked with FRAGILE / DO NOT STACK instructions Rate per piece 19005
DUTY TAX IMPORTER This service allows the shipper to send a dutiable shipment to the receiver, with the duties and taxes invoiced to a third party at destination acting as the nominated Importer of Record (IOR). The customs invoice must indicate the importer’s billing details in addition to the receiver’s shipping address. % of fiscal charges with minimum 2.4% of fiscal charges with minimum of  875
PHYSICAL INTERVENTION A surcharge applies for shipments being intercepted for physical examination by Customs Authorities. Arrangements for inspections may also include full or partial unloading of a vehicle; the specific marking of prototypes, mutilation of samples or the examination of shipment content. Rate per shipment 2040
Duty Handling Fee /
Duties Tax Receiver
The use of DHL's credit or cash to fund the clearance, duty and tax charges related to a shipment /piece, instead of the Receiver using his own bond or credit line. The customs process is accelerated with DHL making prompt payment of relevant charges, while the Receiver defers payment until an agreed date. Per Shipment INR 875 or 2.4% of Duty
whichever is higher